Tiếng Anh 8
Communication (trang 53)

Unit 5: Festivals in Vietnam (Communication)




Task 1. Look at the pictures. Discuss the following questions with a partner and then write the right words under the pictures.

a. What are the things in the pictures?

Đáp án

1. bamboo archwaycổng vòm bằng tre
2. green rice flakescốm xanh
3. potatoesnhững củ khoai tây
4. coconutsnhững quả dừa
5. pia cakebánh pía
6. clasped handschắp tay
7. lanternslồng đèn
8. Dragon boat raceđua thuyền rồng


b. Do you know the festival at which they appear? 

→ Ooc Bom Boc festival.


Task 2. Now listen to an interview between a TV reporter and a man about a festival to check your answers.

Audio Script:

A: Good morning. Can I ask you some questions about this festival?

B: Yes, of course.

A: What is the festival called?

B: Ooc Bom Boc. It's held by our ethnic group in Soc Trang on the 14th and 15th evening of the 10th lunar month.

A: Who do you worship at the festival?

B: Our Moon God. We thank him for giving us a good harvest and plenty of fish in the rivers.

A: What do you do during the festival?

B: First, we have a worshipping ceremony at home, under the bamboo archway or at the pagoda. When the moon appears, the old pray to the Moon God and the children raise their clasped hands to the moon.

A: Sounds great! So what are the offerings?

B: Green rice flakes, coconuts, potatoes and pia cakes.

A: Do you do any other activities after that?

B: Sure. Then we float beatiful paper lanterns on the river, and the next evening, we hold thrilling dragon boat races.


Task 3. Listen to the interview again and complete the table below with the answers to the suggested questions.

Gợi ý:

Where?1. in Soc Trang.
When?2. on the 14th and 15th evening of the 10th lunar month. (Vào tối ngày 14, 15 tháng 10 âm lịch)
Who is worshipped?3. Moon God (thần Mặt trăng)
What activites?

4. have a worshipping ceremony (thờ cúng)

5. float paper lanterns (thờ hoa đăng)

6. hold dragon boat races (tổ chức đua thuyền rồng)


Task 4. Role-play in groups of three. One of you is a reporter; two of you are locals. Do an interview about a local festival. It can be a real or an imaginary festival.

Gợi ý:

A: Good morning! Can I ask you some questions about this festival?

B: Yes, of course.

A: What is the festival called?

B: It's Huong Pagoda Festival.

A: Who do you worship at festival?

B: Buddha.

A: When does it take place?

B: It takes place annually and lasts for three months from the first to the third lunar month.

A: How about activities?

B: We take part in worship ceremonies, hike in the mountains, explore caves and take photos of beautiful scenery.

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